Keycomm Keycomm
KeyComm Management is a professional boutique Real Estate Management firm. With a team of professionals bringing over 60 years of experience, we provide individualized services tailored to our client's distinct needs. We offer services in:

Commercial Property Management

Property Management goes beyond property performance. We work closely with owners to secure and maximize their investment and achieve their objectives. Our business knowledge and our team of real estate professionals will help you make good decisions about your real estate portfolio.



We provide innovative financial management and accurate reporting on a timely basis. We also understand and manage cash flow requirements to mitigate your investment risk at all times. Our people and our knowledge sets us apart from others.



We can assist with all stages of your Property Acquisition – from the negotiation, to due diligence to the financing. We provide advisory and portfolio management services for clients wishing to leverage their assets towards future acquisitions, or optimize their assets in the context of their overall investment strategy.


Syndication &
Private Funding

Through our wide-ranging network and our experience, we can provide lead services for structured, syndicated and private funding.